“I work in the Gore area once a month, and I always stop and eat at Fin & Feather.  They make the best pork tenderloin sandwich in Oklahoma.  The waitresses brighten our day with their great hospitality.  I’ve known these ladies for 15 years, and they always treat me like family.  The manager and all the employees are always friendly.”

Dave, Choteau, OK

“My family loves the Fin’s breakfast.  We hardly miss a Saturday morning buffet.  But our most favorite place is the Verandah.  My kids live for the CHEESE FRIES.  One order of cheese fries feeds our whole family – crisp fries, several kinds of cheese and bacon with spicy ranch.  There is none better.” 

Arnie, Gore, OK

“Can I just say CHEESE FRIES?!”  They are the best!  You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Hot or cold, it don’t matter.  They are great ANYTIME of the day! As my husband would say, “They Rock!”  We will definitely keep coming back, and the cheese fries are one of the main reasons!  Thanks to the awesome kitchen staff at the good old Verandah.”

Cassie, Edmond, OK

“Cheese fries are awesome!  We drove 3 hours just to get them (seriously).”

Kristin, Ada, OK

“My husband and I came to Fin and Feather on our honeymoon twenty-one years ago.  We haven’t missed a summer since.  We also come to Fall Festival, Thanksgiving, and Easter weekend.  Fin and Feather is a safe and fun place with tons of activities for the entire family.

The family at Fin and Feather have become a part of my own family.  They are our friends.  We have watched their children grow up over the years, and they have watched ours as well.  I strongly recommend Fin and Feather as the perfect vacation spot for everyone.”

Gwena, Harrah, OK